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Call Us 505 243-JAIL (5245) Call Us 505 243-JAIL (5245)

$0 Down Available

No need to reach in your pocket today with the New Mexico Bonding $0 down program provided “On Approved Credit”. Just another example of our quick, easy, simple bail bond service.

Free 24hr Consultation

At a time like this you may have a lot of questions regarding the legal system and detention. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and obtain a quick release for you or your loved one.

Pricing is Guaranteed

By New Mexico Law, bonding rates are set at 10% and may not be discounted or raised. New Mexico Bonding adheres to the law and guarantees you a fair and legal bail bond cost.

The Quicker You Call Us

We get to work right away getting you released. We are available 24/7 to talk with you or your loved ones to begin the bonding process and obtain a quick release.

New Mexico Bonding

Knows Your Concerns

It’s a difficult time when anyone loses their freedom. Whether it is a husband, wife, daughter, son, or just a good friend, New Mexico Bonding understands the importance of their freedom.

It all begins with a simple phone call to New Mexico Bonding at 505 243-5245. We take care of all of the legalities and requirements to secure your loved ones quick release.

  • 24 Hour Jail Release

  • $0 Down Bonds *OAC

  • We Handle Any Size Bond

  • Got a Warrant? Call Us Confidentially.

  • Available 24/7 365 Days

  • Free Confidential Bail Info

  • Servicing All of New Mexico

  • Need Help? Call Us Confidentially.

What our clients say

We’ve only done our job well when our clients are free and together again with family and friends.


Our job begins at any time of day and if working in the middle of the night is what it takes, New Mexico Bonding delivers.

  • I came to New Mexico Bonding on 5/29/14 to post a bail bond for my daughter to get out of jail and New Mexico Bonding is great. I used to go through another bail bonding company but now I’m only going to use New Mexico Bonding. They are the best bail bonding company I have ever used.

    B. Sanchez
    New Mexico Bonding Client
  • I came in to New Mexico Bonding to bail a family member out of jail in May 2014. They greeted me as I walked in and helped me right away. They wrote up the paperwork in a timely manner and had everything done within 15 minutes. This was my first time bailing anyone out of jail and they explained everything to me. I’m grateful that they have fast and friendly service. I will defiantly recommend everyone to New Mexico Bonding if they need help with a bail bond.

    D. Garcia
    New Mexico Bonding Client
  • I would just like to say if you run into any trouble New Mexico Bonding is there for you 365 days a year at any time of the day. I have never met a company that treats every client with the same respect as they would their family. New Mexico Bonding would be the company I would call to help me or any loved one whenever needed. I have had full confidence in this company to assist me whenever I needed bailed out of jail or to get a warrant taken care of. Great Availability, Great Service, Great Company!!!
    New Mexico Bonding Client
  • It is an anxious, emotional event, when your son is arrested. But New Mexico Bonding took away all the fear when they expressed their concern and high level of competency in dealing with the issue at hand. I felt so relieved after speaking to them and their kindness and consideration for me and my son were quite extraordinary. I value their professionalism and I also value their humanity. They are wonderful people and I am highly appreciative of the present and interaction with me.


    New Mexico Bonding Client


New Mexico Bonding Is Here to Serve You

The reason some of our customers don’t return, is a good thing. Those same customers are the first to refer others to us and for the customers that return, New Mexico Bonding always leaves them with a smile.


We’re here for you during your time of need and there is no reason not to call us at anytime with any concerns you have. New Mexico Bonding looks forward to providing you, your friends or loved ones with any bail bond needs you may have.

Call Us 505 243-JAIL (5245) Call Us 505 243-JAIL (5245)

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